September 20, 2016

Questions to ask Belinda Biafore

Questions to ask Belinda:
Are you going to force your gubernatorial candidate to support Clinton?
Or are your hackles up because it's the Mountain Party, another one of those pesky  third parties that are becoming more of a threat to the almighty two-party system?

Do you enjoy lying to your fellow Dems about who is donating to Charlotte Pritt?

You are aware, of course, that DEMOCRAT (last I heard) Earle Ray Tomblin was on that very same show that Charlotte P was!! ON THE VERY SAME DAY!! LOL!!

And really. Honey, if Jim Justice is the best our state can do, it just proves (among many, many other  sad things) that young people really don't matter to you people up there eating your nice Joe Manchin sponsored lunch. Is there anything about that man that would appeal to a bright young person looking for the next big thing? Sure, they're impressed by his billions, but is that the kind of thing that should inspire? And won't they wonder why they have to pay their taxes when that big old rich guy doesn’t. Or when his mines fail yet another inspection, think it's ok to put miners’ lives and health at risk….and then not pay the fines. And he just isn't very healthy looking himself. Just another big ol’ boy helping us maintain our blue ribbon for having the most obese people,,.

Of course, it's not like anybody really goes out of their way for young people,  to attract new blood to this tired old party.
For Example….
Are you proud of the way you were so dismissive of the hard work from a  group of extremely intelligent, dedicated young people? Who collaborated from all over the state for weeks before the convention to write the excellent platform amendments? Really, that is some really great marketing to those millennials you need so badly! But hey, not only did they get practically everything passed, we have created along the way many new connections, and a beautiful system to keep the whole, even bigger  network collaborating on future projects. Like Charlotte Pritt!
Oh lol!!

Beauty will save the world

August 11, 2016

That day in 1959

This is me and my "Nonny," my mother's mother. I don't remember a lot about her, except she was warm and she loved me. I remember the day she died, probably one of my earliest memories. My mom, little sister (Becky) and I had been staying in Nova Scotia with friends Tom and Beverly Grove, awaiting the birth of my youngest sister Betsy. Mom was due in late August, and wanted to have the baby in Canada, where healthcare was free or at least cheap, as she and my dad were living on a shoestring. However, on August 11, 1959, all that changed. I vaguely remember being hustled onto an airplane - it was a gray and dismal day; and then being met at the airport in Pittsburgh by sadness and tears. There is a piece of my heart that will always be with this woman, even though I didn't know her very well, mostly through stories and pictures. But that part of my heart is the one that reminds me that I am loved; long ago, when my life was in disarray, I used to dream about her telling me everything would be ok; when I was pregnant with Phoebe, I dreamed I was sitting on a riverbank with her; she was stroking my hair and told me I'd have a beautiful baby girl (and I did!).

August 3, 2016

somethin's goin' on around here

Like somehow, a charge appeared on my credit card statement for reservations at the Holiday Inn in Charleston the same weekend I was there with Willa: but we stayed at the Marriott. Had I gotten up in the middle of the night and made those reservations, then forgotten about it? I combed through all my emails, in the deleted folder as well as a folder I keep for travel arrangements that I've made online. Nothing. No reservation confirmation, except for the one I'd made at the Marriott. When I called the credit card company the next day, the analyst was able to tell a lot about the charge - the most interesting thing was that it had been keyed in, not swiped or sent digitally online. So someone had to punch in the numbers. Weird. Anyway, BarclayCard is taking care of it.

And this morning I got an email from our business Verizon phone account, a receipt for our automatic monthly payment. "Thank you for your payment of $869"! WTF. So there was another hour or two of fun with customer service. Most non-insurance customer service representatives are very nice and seem well trained. I started out bitchy when I called Verizon. I saw how they had made the mistake, and it was really stupid, but probably, someone just checked the wrong box or made a typo on the computer. The customer service woman was very patient, and spent a long time trying to figure out what had happened. And we'll get a refund.

 (As for the insurance customer service reps that I have to deal with: first of all, I feel really bad for them. What a horrible job, looking up claims, trying to explain to patients why their asshole insurance isn't paying for something. Or as it happens, me, an unhappy practice manager wanting to know why they've denied paying one of our claims for some random reason. But, after the initial "Hi I'm Wendy, who do I have the pleasure of speaking with today"? (really? is that in a manual somewhere?) they tend to get snippy and, I guess, defensive. But like I said, I can't blame them. There's a lot to be defensive about there. )

 Other random stuff has been happening, like stuff that's normally easy and fast, has been taking an eternity. Weird things missing. Then found. I'm sure there's an astrological explanation, and it will pass like everything else.

 A rather boring, but pleasant day at the Hahn household today. I mostly worked, but at home, which means I got a hell of a lot done. There were few interruptions, save for the major excitement of the dogs when Rusty came to mow the lawn. I watched some movies on my Fire while I worked, and distracted myself with Facebook and other breaks. Another sunny, horribly warm day. I swear I feel like I'm suffocating when it's this humid.
 DRINK: Iced green tea with tons of mint and agave syrup
EAT: My usual yogurt, fruit and granola, but with peaches! Lunch was leftover pasta with chard. For dinner, tomato pie and a salad.
WEARING: This is not good, people. So look away if you feel uncomfortable at any time. I was wearing maroon sweat pants, a tie dye long sleeve tshirt, and I'm not positive I brushed my hair until after my late afternoon shower. Oh, but yes, I did shower, so good.
WORKOUT: P90X back and shoulders. Also worked some abs in between sets
GoOD THINGS: Lots of quiet. Good food. Got lots done. Even reorganized my baking drawer
BAD THINGS: Right now, at 11:00 on a weeknight, Lark is on the loose in the back and he's howling. Really loud. I went out and called him, but he never comes. What will the neighbors think? Maybe he's scaring away the bear. More likely he's got Nattie treed. Oh dear. (I finally lured him in with turkey slices. When he realized he was locked in, he slunk away upstairs, even forgoing more turkey. He is one weird dog. We love him.)

So over the Hillary thing. I'm not even going to think about it anymore. I'm going to start working on the Bernie Revolution. Phone banking, organizing is in the future.  I'm  also so done voting for people that don't support issues that are important to me, whether there's another choice or not. And if the better choice is a third party candidate, so be it. Our state has not done well with the tunnel vision of the coal industry, and the Democrats are no better than the Republicans. Just today was the news that Boone County has asked its school employees to take a  $4000 pay cut, and forgo vision and dental insurance. So, guess who's not going to have any teachers when the school year begins in what, 3 weeks? Goddamn. Let's start selling some marijuana, people! I know I could use some right about now with all this DNC shit going on, people trying to tell you how to vote, the hatred of Trump, is it any wonder? Wonder, wonder, wonder.

July 1, 2016

Our bodies

Are like cars for the soul. Some people drive the same car for years. Other people's cars get wrecked in an accident or not taken care of. Then the person goes and gets a new one.
In a parallel universe I am a lunatic in an asylum. I'm lying on my bed, my greasy hair streaming around me. I stare at the ceiling. I am not self aware. I could be a plant, a stop sign. What is I? 

May 5, 2016

didja ever ramble

i work a lot at night because i don't like a lot of commotion around when i'm trying to do stuff right. so yeah, i'm up until about 1 most nights. i try to go to bed earlier, it just never happens. now that it's nice out i'll probably start going out to the deck to meditate. it's the only place i can. anyway, so tonight i'm doing what i'm doing most weeknights, taking information from one source and putting it into another source so i can make sure bills at the office are paid, people are paid, etc. i'm usually here with the cat. sometimes i put something dumb on tv, not something that requires a lot of visual attention. or more often, listen to music or an audible book. i usually start sometime around 9-ish, work until 12-ish, and relax for an hour doing whatever.... dancing around the house, yoga, meditating, blogging, imagining buying the ten acres behind us and getting a horse, admiring my kitchen, making tea.  anyway, i'm having to hustle because i've been away for more than a week.... checks and automatic deposits have been piling up.

~~~~~~patti shuffle: Farewell Reel~~~~
Obviously i'm listening to music tonight. It's been raining a lot here since I got home a few days ago, not much solace from saying goodbye to my spirit home at Spoutwood. So iTunes has Patti Smith on shuffle to make me feel better, or at least help make sense of things. When I'm old and senile (tomorrow, perhaps) I'm only going to speak in Patti quotes. "The children will rise strong and happy,  be sure." "We're only given as much as the heart can endure." "Ain't it strange?" shit like that. if i were a playwright I'd write a play with the whole script being Patti lyrics. Or maybe Bob Dylan....John Douglas and I did a cool coffee house thing where we typed up maybe a hundred scraps of Dylan lyrics. As we sat at a cafe table, we each took turns drawing a piece of lyric, read it in such a way that it seemed perfectly normal to say to your dining companion, "She's a hypnotist collector. You are a walking antique." Good times!

 ~~~~~patti shuffle: cartwheels~~~~
 Back to Patti. I often ask myself, "What would Patti do?"  Or, as I'm trying to make sense of something, sometimes just the right Patti song will come on. Here comes "Gloria" with all its swagger and rebelliousness. Totally sexy song: 'here she comes crawlin' up my stair." So what does that mean? I have no idea because i'm here typing instead of thinking on it but it could represent reckless action, but one that may have rewards. Then comes "Wing," about surrendering all for the sake of freedom. "i was a vision in another eye and i saw nothing no future at all... yet i was free.....". And she wants to share this with someone she loves.... And so on....

 Now this little game disturbs me a little, because in high school i had a truly crazy boyfriend who thought lyrics were telling him things about me; "lying.... cheatin.... hurtin.... that's all you seem to do." He, however, was taking lyrics literally and trying to make it about him. i guess it's not really the same thing....

 But now it's almost midnight and I can't make myself click over to the work screen. I glance at my progress and decide, it's enough.., and so is this.

May 3, 2016


"...Oh my land Oh my good
People don't be shy Weave the birth of harmony
With children's happy cries 

Hand in hand

We're dancing around In a freedom ring

Come on now Oh my land

Be a jubilee Come on girl

Come on boy Be a jubilee..."
Jubilee by Patti Smith

Trying to explain the Spoutwood experience to someone who hasn't lived it is like trying to describe things like the feelings you get when you fall in love, or when you look out at the sky and see the connections between the stars. 

For one thing, everyone's experience is different. 

Spoutwood's May Day Fairie Festival, for me, is a faecation. From Monday night to Monday morning, I'm in a whole different place with a whole different community. No ringing phone, Quickbooks backlog, confusing emails, insurance company rage, a growing frustration with having to depend on technology for every single thing, sometimes, boredom. At Spoutwood, I'm outside most of the day for a week. I've learned a lot and had way too much fun.

But for me, my favorite part of this faecation is the people. Too many of our relationships are fleeting, just enough to get through the event with a few pleasantries thrown in. Some of my dearest friends are from  Spoutwood, some I'd even call family. Stories abound of those who found love at Spoutwood, and come back every year to celebrate. We're from all over, and for some of us, it's the only time we get to see each other. For some of us, Spoutwood is a sharp contrast to what we do the rest of the year. I'm a practice manager most of the year, working in our family practice office, trying my best to keep up in a rapidly changing medical practice environment. But my bestie there on the right is an artist, the pretty woman in the middle is a shop owner (and an artist herself). We've watched kids, like Willa, go from toddler to adulthood. Of course, sadly, some old friends have passed away or just passed along. 
don't worry -- this happened the Thursday before Festival!
By Friday it was all gone.

Throughout the week and into the Festival weekend, we work hard, solve problems, hug, eat, walk up and down Frodo, run up and down Frodo, sleep, catch up on each other in bits and pieces, hug, answer questions, work in the Swap Shop, dance. We carry on thru any weather; it's all been done!!! 

It's a reunion that also happens to be a Festival. It's a reunion that happens to wear wings. 

Welcome to Spoutwood!